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OPT-File EXCLUDE/INCLUDE issue (same version of keys)

Question asked by christianwagner on Jan 2, 2020
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I have an issue in the license configuration.


We use location and country licenses. I configure the .opt file with INCLUDE/EXCLUDE some groups.

It works well so far, but I have a problem with two Lincense entries.


This both keys have the same version and vendor_string but different key-hashes and one of this has the attribute vendor_info=country.


For example:

Key1: INCREMENT xdesigner201_c mgcld 2030.050 31-mar-2030 2 BB22BB22BB22  
VENDOR_STRING=AAAAAAAA vendor_info=country SN=11111111
Key2: INCREMENT xdesigner201_c mgcld 2030.050 31-mar-2030 2 AA11AA11AA11 


I try to include a group "grp1" to key1 and exclude to key2 in the option file:

INCLUDE xdesigner201_c:KEY=BB22BB22BB22  GROUP grp1

EXCLUDE xdesigner201_c:KEY=AA11AA11AA11 GROUP grp1


Now members of grp1 cannot start xdesigner because they don´t get a license. For the other license key this definition works. I think the problem is the same version number and the "exclude" excludes the version number afterwards.


Does somebody has any idea?


Best regards