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DDR3 Setup and Hold Time Calculations

Question asked by m.ather on Jan 9, 2020
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I am doing DDR3x Batch Simulations using hyperlynx. Upon completion of the simulations, it gives result pass and fail results and outputs an excel sheet. When I click setup tab, It expands and open up 5 columns. 


Ouput variations

Base Value



Under measured , the values are that are measured from the waveform.  Output variation is fixed 100 for data write and 125 for data read. Derating is always 0. Base value is written in the datasheet of the RAM chip which is 25. Margin = measured - base value - output variation - Derating .

My question is what is output variation and from where does its value calculated ?

Why derating is always taken as 0.

Attached is the screenshot for reference.