Is it worth the effort looking at PADS Professional?

Discussion created by kbak on Jan 22, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by jleine

Hi all
In my company we currently use PADS Standard+ (Logic/Layout).
However we have the last years seen a drastic decrease in attention from Mentor in this flow, and are not satisfied with this. So we have started looking at other ECAD systems - including PADS Professional.

Of course we need to take a look at the tools and their functionality, but there are also some other issues to think of when selecting a future tool.
Are there any PADS Professional/Expedition users in this forum than can comment on the following?:

  1. Is it worth the effort switching to PADS Professional?
  2. Is PADS Professional stable or does it crash a lot?
  3. Are there just as many bugs and performance issues in PADS Pro as in PADS Standard+ ?
  4. Are bugs and enhancement requests (mentor ideas) taken seriously, or are they just "postponed" as we know it from PADS Standard?
  5. Any other information that you think may be helpful for us in the decision on which tool to use in the future?


Thanks in advance