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Cannot insert Part Quest component from PADS Databook

Question asked by matthewd92 on Jan 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by matthewd92

I have followed the instructions on the Mentor website for importing components directly from Part Quest directly into PADS Designer VX.2.6 and I can see the components when I do a search in PADS Databook but when I highlight the part that I want to insert there is no schematic showing for me to drag into the workspace.  If I use the default library then I see the schematic and can drag it into the workspace.


I have tested to make sure that the path's are all set-up correctly and when I download new components and import them they show up in the list of components.  The components I am downloading all show as having schematics and foot-prints associated with them, they all worked in PADS Maker when I was using that earlier last year.


Here is an screen shot of what I am seeing in the software


Even though the component is highlighted, nothing shows up in the window to the right.


Any ideas or suggestions on where to look at the configuration or import of the components would be greatly appreciated.