Add Links and Cross Reference Script

Discussion created by ben_dahljelm on Feb 7, 2020

I strongly dislike having to add links to dangling nets. This script should automate adding links to dangling nets in a design. 


Upon opening the form, the "Link" section of the special components file is read. These links are then available from a drop down list, 


Once the links and their orientations are set you can run the script. The advanced setting of "Automatically Synchronize Links and Net Names" is selected in the background.  The links will be tagged with the "Guess" property with the value "Added by Script". This was just a property that everyone has and that is rarely used. If you want to remove the links the bottom button will remove them. It will likely take a few tries to get the orientation of the symbols correct.  


A note of WARNING - there was a bug around 2.4 that would remove the net name along with the link. I believe this is fixed in the most recent versions of the tools. 


Lastly the option to add links, update printorder, and run Cross Reference (Xref Annotation) is available. I would only run this on designs that do not contain hierarchy. While cross referencing hierarchical designs the older SCOUT tool is more applicable.