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PADS Layout - size of layers

Question asked by asilva on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by asilva

Hello all,

I've designed a PCB using PADS Layout 2005 SPac2. I've sent the files out for a quote and the manufacturer came back with this:


"Our Ucamco Integrator system has major problems processing your data due to the size of some of the layers.

Issue is mainly caused by the way the planes are filled with multiple tracks. Ideally if you can make your planes as contoured region it would help a lot.

I’ll show what I mean in the follow 2 pictures. Top one is how your data is supplied and the bottom one as how we would like to see it (and how it would be supplied by the vast majority of people)"



On 'Define CAM Documents -> Edit -> Device Setup -> Advanced' I've tried with both 'Use Fill Mode (G36,G37)' and 'Use Aperture Macros' but the output is apparently the same.

Are there any other settings I can change to get the manufacturer's desired output?

Thanks in advance!