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Part Type Doesn't Exist

Question asked by benj on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2020 by Gary_Lameris


I can view/place symbols and footprints for downloaded PartQuest parts, but cannot get them to port over from a schematic in Designer to Layout. This seems to be due to a missing Part Type file/association.



When adding PartQuest parts into Designer, the "DEVICE" property field is blank which prevents me from generating a netlist for Layout. PADS user docs mention that this should be the manufacturer ID value when downloaded from PartQuest. Changing the DEVICE field allows me to generate a netlist, but produces a "Can't find part Type item" error in Layout.


When I look at the PartQuest library in Layout all of the appropriate footprints are populated in "Decals", but nothing is available in "Parts". When I attempt to edit a PartQuest decal it throws the same error of "No Part Types can be found that have this Decal assigned".


It seems that libraries are comprised of 4 files (.pd9, .pt9, .ld9, and .ln9). When I download PartQuest files the .pd9 (decal) file is updated, but the .pt9 (part type) file isn't.


I'm assuming that there is something wrong with the way I have set up PartQuest with PADS, but I've followed the Mentor Support set-up & troubleshooting docs for PartQuest to no avail.