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Migration from PADS Logic to xDX Designer with new properties

Question asked by flyer on Feb 20, 2020
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I am trying to migrate our old projects from PADS Logic to xDX Designer VX.2.5. We also want to use new properties and skip the old ones. The Central Library and Databook were already migrated/build. The new properties are enabled in the Property Definition Editor.


The problem is that we cannot get the new properties on the parts during migration. After importing from PADS (migration) I can see that the part number was recognised correct (1) and that the old properties are gone. But the new properties are not added even though the databook knows the parts (2).


The manual way of seaching parts (3) and annotating properties from the databook (4) is very time consuming if you have hundreds of parts and also hundreds of projetcs to migrate. Replacing components with itself seems to also do the job but this is also very time consuming.


A) Is there some way to add those properties directly during migration or must this be done afterwards?

B) Can this job be automated if case (A) can not be achived on migration? Do you have any example script how to add and update the properties on all parts of the project?

C) Is there any other approach?