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Pads Layout - How to glue vias for bed of nails

Question asked by noel on Feb 25, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by benradu2

Hi All,


I have a large board that as some major edits, there is an existing bed of nails for test so all vias have to stay in the same location.

I have glued down the vias in my current layout, but when I import the ECO from the schematic some of the vias get removed. 

I have discovered the vias which have more the 2 connection points are not removed, but via's with just 2 connection points are removed. The major changes on the board are two IC's are changing from TQFP to BGA, so for most 2 connection point signals have the same start point (eg. R1.2) but have a new end point (from U1.2 to U1.25).

Anyone got any ideas ?