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Placing a Part Using Part Origin

Question asked by advntrinxs on Mar 10, 2020

Is there an easy way to do this?


*Never mind. I figured it out. In case anyone else has this question - here's what I learned.

Just an FYI, in case this is helpful to any of you;


If you select the part using the L-Mouse button – a random handle point (wherever you clicked) is used for dragging the part around and placing it.

If you right click the part (select it)  - then use R-click and GoTo Move, the part will drag around by it’s Origin point (usually PIN 1 or the Body Center).


*If you want to change the drag point (to a different pin or from a pin to the Body Center, etc.,) do this:


Once you’ve selected the part, Right Click, Selection / Set Selection Origin / Select any pin or corner or center and away you go.

A new location handle point is created for dragging and placing the part.




To set Origin to checked (ON) 

Display Control / Fab / Fabrication Objects / Cell Items /Origins 



*If you want to highlight the part (as shown)  GoTo Display / Objects / Place / Place Outlines / Fill On Hover & Selection* Check - Set to (ON)