OrCAD 17 .BRD File Translator

Discussion created by l.carneiro on Mar 10, 2020
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We have run into issues with the latest version of OrCAD PCB Editor 17 and their new .BRD file types. This new file type does not appear to work in ANY known translators from PADS to Altium and more. OrCAD 17 files can't even be exported to an earlier version of OrCAD to work with existing translators. I imagine this is due to a change in OrCAD's core program and how they format their files. With this in mind, it would be great to have a new translator that can handle this latest file change as we are getting locked out of certain customers who use this new OrCAD 17.


P.S. I would have liked to list this posting in the "ideas" section however, the website does not appear to allow me to post stating "You are not allowed to create or update this content". Feel free to move this post if possible.