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How to Tent Vias for Solder Mask

Question asked by hansen.jason on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by chuckt

I am using VX.1.2 pads layout and am trying to have a solder mask that has thermal tented vias under the heat slug for helping for cooling.  I didn't originally and the solder would just get sucked through the vias causing a pour connection to the thermal pad under the chip.


Thoughts on how this can be done?  I tried the two suggestions in the help area in the program but neither worked.  One said to create a new via labeled as "tented" and create and add a solder mask layer to it and have it pad style at 0.  The other said to right click on the via and create an attribute cam.soldermask.adjust and make the value -0.7mm (Opposite of what the via was).


Any help would be great.