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Some concerns in Mentor Xpedition Layout

Question asked by minhducthieu2011 on Mar 20, 2020
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I am a novice at using Mentor Graphics. I have some questions about Layout as follow:

1. Can anyone tell me how I can edit silkscreen designator of components in Layout. When I place a component in pcb, I cannot move or edit its name.

2. How can I name polygon plane as in Altium? Altium allows us to manage polygon plane by name and order. User can add a name for each polygon plane. So how can I place names and to polygon plane and manage them by order in Mentor Xpedition?


3. In library manager, when I create a cell for mid-mount components, how can I add a object for this component to make sure that in PCB, a board outline will automatically avoid the border of these mid-mount compnents?


Thank you very much.