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Positioning floating windows

Question asked by gbox on Mar 25, 2020
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I work on a 4k laptop and when it's docked I use 3 screens; one center 4k display and 2 side full-HD display.

This works for almost all situations even if it looks funny when I cross borders (i.e. resolution).

But one thing drives me crazy - if I have a floating DxDesigner window like Databook or properties on another screen and then restart the application in un-docked mode, the floating window remains on the other screen and there's no way to get it back to the main display unless I re-dock the machine and manually move the window.

Databook is even worse since it quite often disappears from the side-displays even when docked and there's no way at all to get it back, it just disappears!


The way I fix this is to delete the file <WDIR>\workspace\<version>\Default\DxDesignerXX.wsp where XX can be one of several files, but always the latest.

Isn't there any better way to fix this problem?