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Databook: Annotate .. to selected Components does not trigger Application_Annotate

Question asked by andreas.neumann on Mar 27, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by andreas.neumann


I have used the sample script to add an property once a part is placed or annotated from the Databook.

It works perfectly fine, except if I use the "Annotate Properties to selected Components" Button. 

In this case the Application_Annotate Function is not called. 

If I change the part by using the Load into Databook -> change -> Annotate with all Properties workflow the Application_Annotate Function is called. The same is true for the Application_AfterAnnotateComponent Funktion.  


The intention of my script is to combine various properties into a single one that. For Example for a capacitor the value of the combined property would by "10nF 16V 20%". This would be created from either three properties or be a substring of a much larger part description. 


Is there another way to be informed if a component is changed? Maybe in an Designer instead of an Databook script. For example with Scripting.AttachEvents? (I wanted to try this, but couldn't find out what events are supported. Is there any documentation available?)


Any help would be appreciated. 


Best Regards