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Looking for the MG article titled mg595085

Question asked by csnider on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2020 by csnider

I am running into a particularly annoying issue with the Databook in VX2.6.  I've set up everything as required, but I keep getting an invalid ODBC alias error when I try to access something in the databook.  The projects open fine as long as there is no need for the databook.  I am currently waiting on Siemens to bless off on my account so I can get support, so I figured turning to the educated masses would be the best option in the interim. 


I don't understand why my original MG account didn't transfer with all our licenses and whatnot there.  Seems like a bit of an oversight on the transition, but that's outside this question.  I am looking to try and solve as much of my mystery as I can before having to initiate actual support, hence why I am following breadcrumbs to this particular article to see if I missed something in my databook setup.


Any tips, tricks, or pointers at this time would be most appreciated.  Also, a functioning link to the article would be wonderful too, or embedded in a response. Thanks!