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Report and purge unused symbols and cells from library

Question asked by thad.schultz on Apr 7, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2020 by thad.schultz

I'm being asked to create a library which has a subset of parts from our primary Designer-Expedition library.  I plan on using the ALE tool and use the Parts > Prune Parts functionality and then use the option to Prune library to match part list.  I'm pretty sure that this will leave me with a bunch of orphaned symbols and cells.  I don't think ALE can do this but does anyone have a script to report orphaned or unused symbols and cells and then another script to delete them?  I guess on the symbol side, you would just delete the symbols files directly from the SymbolLibs folder under the library folder.  But then do you have to reindex the library so that it does not still think it has those deleted symbols?  Does anybody have a script to delete cells through automation or at least a skeleton of one to get me started?  As far as reporting on orphaned or unused symbols and cells, I think I read that VX.2.6 library manager can do this.  We are not on that version yet but I'm willing to install it on a test computer just to get that functionality.  Thanks for any input or ideas.