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Script to add soldermask (oversized) and solderpaste pad to each smd padstack

Question asked by charl.peters on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by pbo

We recently migrated one of our customers from PADS Std Plus Integrated flow to PADS Pro/Xpedition.

The Migration process was quite easy esoecially on the library side.


The customer is now currently busy with their first PCB in PADS pro and has now uncovered an issue.


The cells from PADS Std + never had any solder mask or paste pads defined in the Padstack definition.

They only used the Over size Option upon Gerber Export in PADs Layout.


Now with PADS Pro obviously none of the padstacks have a Soldermask and solderpaste pad defined.


Is there a script/method available they can use to add the soldermask oversized pad and solder paste pad (1 to 1) for each smd padstack in the library?