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PadsProDesigner crashing when opening file?

Question asked by d_burzek_wdcwe on Apr 15, 2020
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I recently installed PadsPro, the Student Edition.  I was working thru the tutorial when I started having problems with PadsProDesigner.  It began to reset everytime I tried to open a project, including the lesson1.prj.  I am getting an error that says the program had an error and needs to restart.  The details of the error are Process: "C:\MentorGraphics\PADSProVX.2.7\SDD_HOME\wv\win64\bin\viewdraw.exe" Module name: toolboxes70.dll Error code 0xC0000005 At Address 0xC470EE34

I have tried using the MGC Release Switcher method described in the Knowledge base, but this hasn't helped anything.  If someone has some advice I would appreciate it greatly.