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HyperLynx DRC: How to associate two nets together separated by a series cap?

Question asked by l_karunanithi_rl2zy on Apr 20, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2020 by jim_connor

Hi all,


I am beginning to use HyperLynx DRC and I am stuck with this question. There is a net (X) that has a series capacitor and so the same net section after the cap is named as (X_C) and my question here is how to associate those 2 nets together for simulating as a single net in HyperLynx DRC.


What I did: I created an object list and included just these 2 nets as physical nets and I am checking for crossing split rule. I also tried adding the 2 nets as electrical nets in the object list but it didn't help. Only the net before the cap is checked against the selected rule.