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DSPF extract with a extra resistance

Question asked by hu_qy on Apr 26, 2020

Below is DSPF extract by calibre,R0 is extracted with a extra resistance  "1338 ",so how can ignore it by setup? I do not need this parameter in dspf. I need the format of R1 like.


*|DSPF 1.5
*|DESIGN "test"
*|DATE "Mon Apr 27 09:00:30 2020"
*|VENDOR "Mentor Graphics Corp."
*|PROGRAM "Calibre xRC v2014.4_18.13"
* Nominal Temperature: 27C
* Circuit Temperature: 27C
.subckt test
* Net Section
*|NET net02 3.35317e-16
cg_1 net02 0 3.35317e-16
*|NET net01 3.35317e-16
cg_2 net01 0 3.35317e-16
*|NET net04 3.35317e-16
cg_3 net04 0 3.35317e-16
*|NET net03 3.35317e-16
cg_4 net03 0 3.35317e-16
* Instance Section
XRR0 net02 net01 rppo1rpo 1338 w=2e-06 l=8.92e-06
XR1 net04 net03 rppo1rpo_pure5v l=8.92e-06 w=2e-06


The corresponding netlist as below

.SUBCKT test
RR0 net02 net01 1.338K m=1 $.MODEL=PR
XR1 net04 net03 rppo1rpo_pure5v l=8.92u w=2u m=1