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PADS Professional BOM script incl. grouping of the reference designators?

Question asked by Wim Creyghton on Apr 24, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2020 by pbo

I'm looking for a VB-script that creates a BOM from PADS Pro VX.2.7. and saves it to an Excel file.

Something like the Partlister in the frontend PADS Pro Designer.

Most of the time I'm working on PADS Pro Layout with a netlist, so there is no frontend.

The build-in Bill of Materials tool which generates an simple formatted ASCII file is not useful.

If I look in in the directory "PADSProVX.2.7\SDD_HOME\standard\examples\pcb\Automation\" I see a lot of scripting but nothing is working. It looks like these scripts are for XpeditionPCB.


Does anyone has a working PADS Pro Layout VX.2.7. script which I can use and/or tweak?