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Script to Create Color Coded Assembly Instructions

Question asked by zaxis_sys_admin on May 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 7, 2020 by zaxis_sys_admin

For reference we are running VX2.4.  We are looking to get information on AATK or any other tool/script that could be used to accomplish the following (also, see the attached picture for a visual):


We are looking for a solution to create documentation for our employees to see what parts are to be placed at a specific workstation and color code them by P/N.


We would like to see the component part list with the reference designators, we would like to be able to change the highlight color for each of the parts being placed.




Workstation 1                                                    or                  Workstation 1


C4, C5, C7 - 123456789 - Yellow                                           98765432 - C4, C5, C8 - Yellow


J1, J2 - 109876543 - Red                                                       123456789 - J1, J2, J6, J10 - Red


Workstation 2



Is there a script to be able to be ran to accomplish this in 1 file or multiple files (1 for each workstation) and are they able to be edited live, and how to implement scripts?


Thank you ahead of time.