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Question asked by fangjuan on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on May 9, 2020 by dan_liddell

Hi all,


I am trying to run the lvs with partial gds of some IP, but  I am having "Layout extra pin" and "Source extra pin" issues in a IP with LVS BOX statement. And I have known that Calibre can use the LVS BOX BLACK statement and LVS BLACK BOX PORT statement to skip them during lvs, and then get a clean report, but I can't understanding the guidance in manual about how to use LVS BLACK BOX PORT, there are 3 parameters should be given. I can't understanding original_layer, text_layer and interconnect_layer.


LVS BLACK BOX PORT original_layer text_layer interconnect_layer


My case:

The IP name is ABC, if we have 5 pins in block level, E and F pins in metal2, G pin in metal4, H and L pins in metal5,  the corresponding text layer name is M2TXT, M4TXT and M5TXT, how to set the statement of LVS BLACK BOX PORT?


I dont need the contents of this black box cells for any parasitic extraction results, I just care about the connectivity between  net shape outside the IP and this 5 pins in block level. 


Thanks in advance.