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Hyperlynx VX2.4 Digital Oscilloscope Eye-Diagram configure window not opening

Question asked by on May 19, 2020
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I am using Hyperlynx VX2.4. I tried to do an eye-diagram simulation and when I tried to configure the eye mask and other parameters using the eye-diagram configuration file, this window is not displayed.

Other windows inside the digital oscilloscope like SPICE Options, Save/Load, Print are opened. But Configure button on the eye-diagram is not opened.


If I click continuously this Configure button, sometimes I can barely to see the contour of the Configuration window but it is not displayed (like if the windows is closed before it is fully displayed in my PC).


I am running Hyperlynx VX2.4 is a 64-bit Window machine.


Would you please help me to understand what could be causing this issue?


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Roberto Torres