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VeSys Classic installation on Windows XP VM!

Question asked by scob-wan on Jun 1, 2020

Morning All,

First post, so here goes... 

For the purposes of working on a legacy design I am having to use an ancient installation of Vesys Electrical Series on an old Windows 7 workstation. This is OK, if not a little inconvenient as I have to fire up this old machine just for this work (more inconvenient when working from home!) - and for some strange reason the Report Generation Tools no longer work? This setup is fairly happily running AutoCAD 2006 LT and the last incarnation / update of VeSys Electrical Series prior to 2.0.


For normal work I have an up to date Xeon equipped Workstation, running Windows 10, Solid Edge and Solid Edge Electrical (which is obviously a reskinned VeSys 2.0 in all but name). I am still at the early stages of learning Solid Edge Electrical, so transferring or importing the old design is not an option at this time - the component database is a mess for starters!!!

Ideally, to make life easier I figured I could get that old Vesys installation up an running on a Windows XP Virtual Machine on my newer workstation. So far I have managed to get almost everything working:

  • Oracle Virtual Box - Check
  • Windows XP SP3 VM - Check
  • AutoCAD 2005 - Check
  • Vesys Electrical Series with final update - Check
  • Hardware USB License Dongle - Check

The only thing that doesn't want to work is Vesys Components  Trying to run the program brings up a Windows error that as far as I can figure out relates to file system errors, which I don't think are the actual problem.


I know this is a bit of a reach, but has anyone out there ever tried anything like this before, or got any ideas?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...