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Modelsim, Flexera USB dongle, basic license installation instructions

Question asked by r_null_uz3hb on Jun 3, 2020



My company has purchased a full license of Modelsim PE via a Dongle License. We received some files that contain: A windows installer executable, a text file named "Authorization_Codes_..." and some "INSTALL_NOTES.txt".


There is nothing in the notes that indicate how to install this license. I ran the executable which installed Modelsim PE, but when I try to run it I get "Unable to check out a license. Run the ModelSim Licensing Wizard from the Start->Programs menu to diagnose the problem." Well that doesn't help because there is no "ModelSim Licensing Wizard" installed in my start menu....


In searching online, I quickly get lost in an ocean of debugging threads, and references to license tools that I cannot seem to find the download location ("PCLS"??). The only real progress I have been able to make is running the command "lmutil.exe lmhostid -flexid" shows the correct ID number written on my USB dongle.


What/Where is the basic installation instructions for this license?