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    Migrating from VeSys to VeSys 2.0: Guidance and Requests for Topics


      We are working hard on the migration tools to move your designs and libraries from VeSys to VeSys 2.0, and obviously that's important. However, Sledgehammer recently raised a really interesting suggestion in the comments of a Why VeSys 2.0?. His idea was that although migrating data is important, it's largely a one-shot operation. More frequent tasks (everything from setting wire properties, to generating reports) performed by engineers can't have a migration tool (at least until Matrix-like downloads into our brains are available). So I have created a VeSys to VeSys 2.0 Tip Template to capture this little snippets.


      Please feel free to contribute your own here, simply create a new document (the action is in the panel on the top right of the screen) and copy & paste from the template, you should just be able to fill the details in like a form then.


      In addition, if you would just like to make sure your favorite topic is covered, just post your suggestion here. I would suggest that when someone create the document they reply to the specfic request post with a simple "done" and a link to the document so we know it's covered.


      One final note, please Tag your document with vesys_vesys2 so that if we wish to collect these into a specific migration sub-community later on, it's easy to find them.