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Tessent: scan chain elements/families to include when defining scan modes

Question asked by vijay82 on Jun 6, 2020

In the example given for clubbing all OCC scan elements under 1 scan mode, 2 scan chain families are included in the add_scan_mode like so (see last command):


>register_attribute -name is_occ -obj_type scan_element -value_type boolean
>set_attribute_value [get_scan_elements -below_instances *_occ_* ] -name is_occ
>create_scan_chain_family occ_chain -include_elements  [get_scan_elements -filter is_occ ]
>create_scan_chain_family not_occ -include_elements [get_scan_elements -filter !is_occ ]
>set edt_instance [get_instances -of_icl_instances [get_icl_instances -filter tessent_instrument_type==mentor::edt]]
>add_scan_mode edt -include_chain_families {occ_chain not_occ} -edt_instance $edt_instance

ref: atpg_gd, Chapter 5, Internal Scan and Test Circuitry Insertion->Tool Terminology and Concepts->Scan Mode


i.e. elements under OCC and otherwise are both in the same scan mode. This is not the intent.


Can someone explain why?

Besides, the name 'edt' used for the mode is not of an existing DFT signal, thus the -enable_dft_signal should have been used as described in the command description - another source of confusion.


The -include_chain_families switch is described in tshell_ref as:
"An optional value that specifies a list of chain families to include in this mode"