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Error in eldo simulation when running with premier + multi-thread

Question asked by ktlee on Jun 8, 2020



I encounter the simulation error when I try to run eldo simulation with premier and multi-thread, here is how I submit the command to the server:


bsub  -q reg -R "rh60" -P xxxx -Ip -n 4 eldo -use_proc ALL -genieartist -noconf -outpath ../psf -gwl jwdb -stver -premier -queue -l sim -i *.cir &


And I got the error when it's starting the elaborating phase:


***> 2-Jun-2020 12:20:38 - STARTING ELABORATION PHASE ...

Note 1021067: Premier in multi-threading mode (8 processors used)

Error Code 2 .
Eldo has encountered an internal error and must close.
Please call or visit Mentor Customer Support ( for assistance.



I notice that, I don't see such an error when I only run eldo with a single-processor using command:

bsub  -q reg -R "rh60" -P xxxx -Ip eldo -genieartist -noconf -outpath ../psf -gwl jwdb -stver -premier -queue -l sim -i *.cir &


Or when I run eldo with classic run with or without multi-thread (without using -premier).



I also see this problem when I run the Questa ADMS, what I get is:

# ** Error: (vasim-4223) Internal Error
# Simulation Finished.
# End time: 15:42:39 on Jun 08,2020, Elapsed time: 0:00:52
# Errors: 0, Warnings: 5
# ** Error: Loading design failed


Thank you in advance