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Sawtooth Tuning Patterns

Question asked by Jerry_Suiter on Jun 1, 2009
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I am interested in understanding some of the use cases or requirements specific to supporting Sawtooth tuning.  Today we support these tuning patterns being interactively placed via Smart Utilities Dynamic Tune fuctionality.  If anyone is interested in a Video of using Smart Utilities Dynamic Tune to generate Sawtooth patterns, please respond and I will get this posted.


We are thinking about supporting these with a more native/automated tuning methodologies and I would like to understand the use cases requiring these patterns.

The first use case is specific to tuning individual legs of a DiffPair into tolerance.  With this use case our understanding is the DiffPair itself will be tuned with normal serpentine tuning patterns and Sawtooth patterns will be used to equalize the length of one leg of a DiffPair to another. 


Here are a few bitmap examples of what we are thinking.




Here is another bitmap example:


Is it correct to say that a DiffPair, both legs, when tuned will not use Sawtooth patterns?


I suspect that some single ended nets will require Sawtooth tuning patterns to minimize the self net coupling.  Are there any specific use cases that require Sawtooth tuning patterns for single ended nets?  Please respond any use cases to ensure we have all of the requirements to support Sawtooth Tuning. 



Jerry Suiter

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