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design capture library symbols missing

Question asked by cgoldenbus on Jun 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by cgoldenbus

Old  design from a sister company who needs parts put into the old DC library because they cant find them.

Cant find a record only that they are in a few schematics.

If this was designer no problem edit local copy and paste into the next symbol editor done


Well.. its DC you cant copy and paste.. or edit local symbol. it always points to the central library not use the ICDB


So my question is how do I extract these from the DC schematic without having to try and re-draw all of the missing 

symbols and remapping of parts and possibly fixing schematics?


I'm a designer/viewlogic guy since 1999 and even then current DC compared to designer back then is just sooo bad.. 


I've tried the ascii out bit and just about everything I can think of without writing some script, but I just keep hitting walls.


Oh and this is a common problem before I got here they had a library for every division so everything is fragmented for the old jobs based on who when and where it was done.


Any ideas would be appreciated.


Thank Much 

Carl G.

Banner engineering