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Issue with random number generation: artifacts in gaussian distributions

Question asked by v_govind_bdepz on Jun 22, 2020

The issue is as the title says. I'm getting some weird artifacts when I generate random numbers with a gaussian distribution. It seems like certain bins of numbers are being generated more often than others while some of them are not being generated at all. I initially thought it was an issue with my code, however, after some input from others, its seems like it is more of a tool issue. Here are some of the issues from the distribution I get:

Gaussian Distribution with missing valuesGaussian Distribution with artifacts

Notice that the picture on the left has values not being generated while the picture on the right has certain values being generated to often.


Here is my post on stack overflow post (SO_POST) detailing the problem and the SystemVerilog code I used.


Does anyone have any insight into this? Is this a tool issue or something wrong with my computer? 


P.S. Also please let me know if I need to adjust the tags or groups, this is my first time posting. Thank you~