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PCB documentation question

Question asked by cgoldenbus on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by daniel.lange

Good Morning Everyone..


How does everyone generate their assembly documentation?


Do you use drawing editor with or without  automation, or do you use Xpedition and user draft layers?


My company has a long standing method of utilizing Xpedition, variant manager and user draft layers to generate assembly documentation.

Needless to say its a long arduous task when you have 30 or 40  up to 100 assembly variants per board using individual user draft layers and view configurations.


Could this be accomplished via the extended  print function, sure. but then it still comes down to multiple user draft layers and a config file to call out the proper setups etc.


Seems to me automation in drawing editor would be quicker by utilizing attribute fields in a border and repopulating through automation.

Then its one set of borders with attribute fields that could be searched and replaced on demand.


Does this method work effectively with variant manager?


Looking for thoughts, consensus, and ideas.


I think I see a possible solution for optimizing our process, am I off base here?



Thanks Everyone.

Best Regards,

Carl Goldenbusky

Banner Engineering Corp,