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Chip Embedding support and copper inlay

Question asked by m_kovarik_mjnvl on Jun 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2020 by m_kovarik_mjnvl

Hi there,

is any possiblity in Xpedition to route board with embedded chips? I just cant find way around this. Ive managed to just draw area where chip should be and made some vias to "noting" DRC is not happy at all. And for more complex board it is not suitable solution. You just can place components on top or bottom layer, nothing between this  


Also have same problem with inserting copper inlay. It is something like conductive shape but in multiple layers.


Is there any place where I can put this as feature request, or it can be done somewhat? I've also taken lesson for PCB but we couldn't figure out anything even there....