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plane noise analysis principles

Question asked by rasputin83 on Jun 26, 2020
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I would greatly appreciate for a a more detailed explanation on how to interpret the plane noise analysis in hyperlynx. In my opinion it would be great if information provided in the product help and the learning center are a little more detailed to allow for a better understanding of this topic..

Based on the documentation I've understood that the this type of simulation will show what is the maximum voltage potential difference between the power plane and a reference plance at a given place on the PCB for a specific VRM model and the AC sink model.

Could you please clarify for which range of frequencies is this peak to peak voltage potential difference established ?


In case of analyzing multiple VRMs connected to the same reference plane would this analysis show combined peak to peak noise as a result of return currents from both VRMs ? 


Thank you for your help and explanations in advance.

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