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ModelSim licence not working

Question asked by ladyeng on Jul 3, 2020

I am hoping to use ModelSim PE Student Edition with my distance learning, undergraduate Electronics 3 class of 15 students next semester, to replace Lattice Semiconductor ispLEVER, to teach an introduction to VHDL.  However, I have ran into a problem.  The progam installs and runs great on my own laptop, but the laptop I am constrained to use for teaching has security restrictions, which prevent me logging in as an administrator.  Thus, the program is not seeing the licence, despite it being correctly installed (by an external administrator) and the correct licence being in the correct place (I have tried on both the C drive and a directory I have write access to).  To be able to demonstrate program features to my remote students, I need to have both the program and my teaching interface on the same computer.  Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be resolved (I have been told there is absolutely no way I can be granted administrator access to my University laptop)?