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LineSim vs. DDR Batch Simulation

Question asked by mm784 on Jul 13, 2020
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I am simulating DDR3 interface, and have tried comparing individual signals between the LineSim results (on scope) and DDR xBatch Simulation. For this I am using the same slew rate+strength driver and ODT settings, same IC corners modeling (Typical) and same frequencies (800MHz).


On LineSim I drive an oscillating wave 50% duty cycle to emulate HIGHs/LOWs

On DDR Batch Simulation I am outputting a sequence of 10101010...…..


However, I noticed that the waveforms resulting from the batch simulation are a lot cleaner and less noisy. Waveforms on LineSim using the same settings, result in vastly different waveforms with more jitter and overshoot.


Is there a major difference between simulating in the 2 environments. Could you please advise what I might be doing wrong?


Thank you