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Part Renaming Issue

Question asked by kevin_shah on Jul 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by robert_davies

Hi Everyone, 

I am using PADS Professional 2.5.

Initially I had a part name MAX14662_8*1 MUX and PCB design was started. Now I want to change the part name and when I did, after the ECO update I am facing this error below. 



ERROR: There is no Part Number: MAX14662_8*1 MUX in the Parts
DataBase for symbols with Part Name: MAX14662_8*1 MUX and Part Label: MAX14662_8*1 MUX.
[Please add the Part Number to the PDB either directly
or by having the project file point to a PDB that contains it.]


If the part has been renamed then it should be changed in Schematic and PCB as well. But instead it becomes an orphan object with no relevance in Library. This is the issue with the schematic as well. 

Schematic says: 

Please help.