Testers Wanted for PartQuest Beta

Discussion created by caleigh_gold on Jul 16, 2020

Dear Customer,


Siemens invites you to test out a new PartQuest website at The site look and feel remains the same as the current production website, however, new back-end cloud infrastructure has been put in place to support the release of future technical content/functionality, including providing you with large quantities of proven quality part models and derived content. To facilitate this trial we’ve included a small subset of this content.


The trial website only supports Vx2.7 and later  of the Xpedition and PADS Professional flows. At the end of the trial period, the site will be removed and the new infrastructure will be moved to production. Any content generated via the custom builders on the trail site will not be transferred back to production. If you intend to keep created model content on the website for long periods of time, it is advisable to create such content on the production website.


Siemens appreciates your support and we look forward to hearing back from you via the Feedback mechanism with regards to your experience using the site.


Thank you in advance.


The PartQuest Team