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Unable to Use PartQuest

Question asked by m_weiss_5fz6y on Jul 27, 2020

Hello, I am getting the following error messages when trying to reinstall the downloads so I can use PartQuest. I am unable to properly install. When I try to open the download that I just installed using the Mentor Graphics installation tool, I get this error:  




After I hit "OK" I am getting this error: 



Windows Script Host 


Lists out the script


Line: 939

Char: 21

Error: Path Not Found 

Code: 800A004C

Source: Mircosoft VBScript runtime error


I have tried reinstalling to a different folder and I have deleted all of the downloads and reinstalled. I keep getting errors when attempting using PartQuest and I am not sure what else to try. 


Thank you in advance for your replies.