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Writing out extracted net into one GDS

Question asked by i_pakkirisamy_wkmgq on Jul 28, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by samantha_lizak


I'm trying to write out extracted net geometries into a single gds but Calibre does not compile.  I need to suffix the cell to differentiate based on the nets and that is probably what it does not like.  Not sure if there is an alternate solution to what I'm trying to do.  Here is the statements I have in the deck.


signal_m1_v1 { NET m1 'v1'}

DRC CHECK MAP signal_m1_v1

   GDSII 18 0 "probe.gds"

   APPEND "_probe_v1"


signal_m1_v2 { NET m1 'v2'}

DRC CHECK MAP signal_m1_v2

    GDSII 18 0 "probe.gds"

    APPEND "_probe_v2"


Appreciate any help.