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    Symbol in harness design


      I have the same problem as Rob in this topic: `How to add a symbol (DWG, DXF, JPG) to a connector with Vesys Components?'




      When I add a library part (e.g. C-71332) in my wiring design, the symbol is not showing in the harness design after synchronizing.


      But when I add the library part in the harness design the symbol does show up.



      In the `Edit connector / Details /Symbols-tab' no symbol is shown.


      What is the correct way to make a harness complete?

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          It should not matter which way around you do it. Could you attach a small example project to illustrate the problem?

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            Hi Nigel, please find attachted a small example project. Can you open it?


            What I have done:

            Connector P1: I added library part C-71332 in the wiring design. Does not show in the harness after synchronization.

            Connector P2: added library part C-71332 in the harness design. Now the symbol pops up in the harness design. In the wiring design P2 has no library part.



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              Sorry for the delay in replying, I initially wasn't getting the behavior you described, and it's taken a little while to determine why.


              The answer perhaps highlights a use-ability issue, however, this is what is happening. When the new data comes in from the wiring design the default symbol is not being automatically updated (this is because customers do not always want the symbols changed). This happens automatically when you edit the library part directly in VeSys Harness.


              To reselect symbols (the example here is for all symbols on the design, but it works on the selected symbols)


              1. Ctrl-A to select everything on the design
              2. Edit->Style->Reselect Symbol
              3. Ctrl-Shift-A to update tables etc that may have moved with the new symbol (you may not need to do this)


              You could do this with just one connector selected if you wished, but I wanted to give you the "do it on everything quickly" solution.

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                Thanks Nigel, that works!


                But how to get a symbol in the details / symbol-tab?








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                  See attached image, click New and then set the type to comment, you should be able to browse your symbol library and pick a specific symbol. An even quicker way is to name the symbol with the part-number of the component, then you don't need to even add the symbol to the library part (it just matches the part-number and name)



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                    Is that in VeSys Symbol or in the `edit connector' / details-tab in Vesys 2.0? In Vesys 2.0 I cannot click the `NEW', `RESET' or `DELETE' buttons.wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.JPG

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                      That's the symbol tab of VeSys Components.