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Error while creating netlist (dxdesigner) with Reuse_block

Question asked by shafqat on Aug 4, 2020

I am trying to generate a netlist with a reuse_block symbol (TOPLEVEL). And using this as symbol block in schematic1. I want to use Refdes prefix as S1, S2 (for two TOPLEVEL symbols). Also refdes inside S1 needs to be like S1R1, S1C1 etc corresponding to R1,C1 of TOPLEVEL block. While genrating netlist I am getting below errors pointing to R1 (inside S1 block).  


Error 6132:  Schematic1 com $1I78\$1I11 REFDES assignment required in REUSE_BLOCK 'TOPLEVEL'

Error 5758:  Error while loading object of type FUNC


Any document on how to generate block symbol with reuse_block attribute and how to assign refdes property for reuse_blocks?