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Pan using middle mouse button

Question asked by marksc on Aug 10, 2020

Many cad packages have standardized on using the middle or right mouse button to pan by dragging. Is there a way to use this style of panning in pads layout vx2.3?


In the pads keybinding report there is "pan to center" (centers where you clicked) and "dynamic panning" (pans using distance from center as velocity). Neither of which do what I want. Which is to pan by grabbing the current spot in the page and moving it.



Also, in the keybinding report there is:

Zoom in   -> Ctrl+<RotateForward>

Zoom out -> Ctrl+<RotateBackward>


I want to remove ctrl from these actions, but in tools -> customize -> keyboard and mouse,

there are no options for zoom in/out and no search function to find them. The keybinding report does not tell you where the bindings come from.


There is view/negative view -> mode specific -> zoom in/out center. But assigning <RotateForward> or <RotateBackward> to them seems to just disable vertical scrolling and not enable any zoom commands. Are there hidden keybindings that cannot be adjusted?