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Sweep all schematic sheets

Question asked by somestrangecoder on Aug 29, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2020 by FUAT SENGUL

Hello folks!
I'm trying to create my own sort of BOM, so it's all about get component data from each sheet. I'm writing on C#, have seen lots of similar vb scripts, but in my code I have problem with schematic sheets. Here's part of my code:


var name = app.GetProjectData().GetiCDBDesignRootBlock(app.GetActiveDesign());

var count = app.SchematicSheetDocuments().GetAvailableSheets(name).GetCount();


Below you can see project structure, it contains 12 sheets total.


Project structure

"name" variable is "GPS_IRIG_B_TOP", but "count" recieve only 1.


What am I doing wrong?