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Updating Border Symbols for Managed Blocks in xDX Designer V2.6

Question asked by t_ghose_duf7c on Sep 2, 2020



I'm using Managed Blocks to create an overall Top Level Schematic in xDX Designer V2.6. The Managed Blocks themselves don't have any fixed border and the border setting is done for the host schematic (which uses these blocks). The host schematic border is expected to be inherited by the Managed Block schematics as well.


When updating the border properties (from Setup -> Settings -> Borders and Zones -> Border Properties) followed by "Update Other Objects" (from Tools -> Update Other Objects -> Selecting Properties, Print Order and Update Borders; Range set for Project) as shown below, it is noticed that Borders for non-managed block sheets are updated as expected.



However, when pushing into a Managed Block sheet, it is noticed that the new border data is simply overlaying on the old border data. For example, if the border has a field for date and the date has been updated from the settings, followed by "Update Other Objects", the old date text can still be seen under the newer date text. 


Changing the Range of "Update Other Objects" to Sheet and back to Project and/or re-opening xDX Designer does fix it some times, however, it is not a guaranteed fix. Re-adding the concerned Managed Block seems to reset this issue, but, given the stage our design is in, its not an option to re-add the instances right now. 


Is there any other setting that has to be configured so that the border update happens correctly ?


A quick response would be appreciated.