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Oasys  Retiming Operations: Is it possible for  pipeline registers to be  automatically pushed through the combinational logic accross module hierarchy ?

Question asked by t_ilic_lrmjb on Sep 2, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by vinkesh

Hi , 

I am using first time Oasys Retiming Operations and my RTL is hierarchical.


Is it possible to   include pipeline registers inserted in the RTL, top module and to achieve,  using Oasys Retiming Operations,  that the  pipeline registers are  pushed through the combinational logic of module instances , instantiated in the top module ?


Oasys RTL User Guide talks about "The RTL engineer starts by inserting an appropriate number of retiming pipeline registers in each retime module" but it is not clear can a  "retime module" be hierarchical or not.


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