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EDM Design Cancling Release must change design settings to Writable regardless the prevoius releases

Question asked by hsoli on Sep 2, 2020

Recently I came across broken logical function for EDM Design

 the current capabilities are as:


  • Design files are version controlled by check-in/check-out
  • Baselines can be created
    • They contain specific versions of the design files.
    • Design files remain editable when they are included in a Baseline.
    • Multiple Baselines can be created.
    • You can edit, duplicate, restore and/or cancel a Baseline
  • A Release can be created from any Baseline.
    • Once a project is Released, the design files become read-only
    • To change release data, you should initiate an ECO
    • If you cancel a release, the data will be writeable unless it is contained in another release.
      • THIS not Logical


The design must be opened rewritable regardless the status of previous releases , Release is label to certain baseline and revision and the design will have multiple releases