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    Spreadsheet2CellEditor Pinning Generator


      Hello All,


      when I read the idea http://https://na5.brightidea.com/ct/ct_a_view_idea.bix?c=4A483461-DF62-4727-A124-E53A6E3A46E5&idea_id=FD545E26-5754-4B94-9B76-B3F71DB253FE#comments

      to ask Mentor for an enhancement, I thought, this would take too much time.

      This feature is missed for a long time by our liberians.


      With 2007.5 Cell Editor can use automation. So I would like to ask you if someone in the community would be willing to help writing the code by our own.


      First Approach could be:

      • Start with an Excel Sheet including PinNumber/padstack/x-coordinate/y-coordinate/rotation/side
        Every third party/ supplier spreadsheet easily could be imported here
      • Two buttons in the Excel Sheet:
        • Write to Cell Editor: Places all pins of a Cell following the spreadsheet content
        • Read from Cell Editor: "Exports" the content of all Cell Pins into the spreadsheet
      • Quality and Usabillity:
        • Number of pins defined in Cell same as in spreadsheet
        • offer only those padstacks in Spreadsheet, which are allowed for the Cell
          (e.g. SMD padstacks for SMD Cells)



      Anybody interested?

      What about the AATK group?